A Winning Tradition Of Excellence

Possible First Round Matchup

The Islanders have had the Cougars number for most of the year compared to lots of other teams. The last two matchups have seen the Islanders come back from 3-1 and 4-1 to force overtime.

Those games felt more technical, skilled based games. Last night was far more of a battle, a fight. While there was no actual ‘fights’ there was lots of hits, plenty of chippy play, and more than enough extra-curriculars after the play to fill several games. A total 138 minutes in penalties was just the start. Countless hits, several of the bone crunching variety from both sides, and lots of words exchanged paint a brutal picture of a possible first round matchup come March.

Reid Fitzpatrick opened the scoring for the Islanders but Kerry Park couldn’t do it again. 5 unanswered goals from the Cougars, including 2 from Jacob Pang, and the 1st goal for Ashton Underhill as a Cougar, had Victoria walking away with a big win. The Islanders battled hard, and it makes us excited for playoffs. Check some highlights below.

Next up for the Cougars is Peninsula at home on Sunday.