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Continued Woes For The Cougars

After coming off a rough game Sunday against the power-house Panthers, the Cougars were looking to rebound against the Predators who are out of the playoffs and just playing for fun. Well they were having fun.

They played calm and loose. Backed up by a solid performance from Charles Curiston the Preds looked like a playoff team. Regardless of their record they have played very good hockey as of late. Putting up fantastic games against the leagues best in their last few games.

The Cougars didn’t play bad,┬ábut they didn’t play like a top tier team either. Mostly no grit, lots of missed passes, and very little energy. The chances they did generate were quickly snubbed out by Curiston. Add on David Edgar getting his first multi-goal game of the year and you have a recipe for a Saanich upset.

The Cougars need a serious mental reset, this is the worst time of a year to start a slump. Maybe a road trip with help. They jump on the bus tomorrow for a contest against the Kraken. 730pm in Lake Cowichan Friday night.