A Winning Tradition Of Excellence

Bucs Woes Continue

The Nanaimo Buccaneers are having a year that is nothing short of painful to watch. Coming into last nights contest the had not won since November 7th, 2020. That is over a year. Even if you factor in COVID it’s still winless in 20+ games. Unfortunately for them, the Cougars are headed in the opposite direction.

I won’t do the disservice to the Bucs and lay out every goal in detail. You can watch them yourself at the end of the story. Jerro Rossi and Steven Reid shared the net for Nanaimo and were easily the best players for the Bucs, despite giving up 9 goals combined. This was a very lopsided affair. Easily the most dominant game of hockey I have seen in years.

There was some take-aways for the Cougars coaches to use as teaching moments. The Cougars got complacent in the 2nd period and gave up a 2 on 1 that should not have happened that led to a goal against. I mentioned to Tom pregame that teams have a tendency to play down to weaker teams. And that happened last night, but to the Cougars credit the lone goal they gave up was a wake-up and they settled down and dominated the remaining minutes of the game. Brody Johnston had probably his best game of the season collecting 4 points and a dozen hits, several were of the bone-crunching variety. 9 players had a multi-point night and their power-play ran 2/4.

The Bucs need to do some serious recruiting and restructuring or they are headed for the worst season the league has not seen since the Stingers.

The Cougars face Kerry Park on Saturday at KP Rec. 730pm start.