Our mission is to cultivate excellence both on and off the ice. We are dedicated to nurturing the talents and aspirations of young athletes by providing them with the tools and support needed to succeed not only in hockey but in all aspects of life.
Central to our organization is a profound passion for the game and a dedication to helping our players reach their full potential. Through rigorous training, strategic coaching, and a focus on personal development, we foster a culture of growth and achievement.
The Victoria Cougars proudly serves as a pillar of community pride, with strong connections with our fans, sponsors, local partners, billet families, and volunteers. Together, we celebrate the spirit of hockey and uphold the values of community, integrity, and sportsmanship.


Since our inception in 1998, the Victoria Cougars have forged a storied legacy within Canadian junior hockey. Originally established as part of the BCJHL, we quickly rose to prominence as a formidable force on the ice.
Throughout the decades, our team has showcased remarkable talent and competitive spirit, reaching the VIJHL Finals 13 times. In 2005, we captured our inaugural Brent Patterson Memorial Trophy and have since added seven more to our accolades. In 2007, we clinched both the League Championship and the Gold at the Cyclone Taylor Provincial Cup. Since then, we've claimed the Bronze once and the Silver five times at the Cyclone Taylor Cup.
The Cougars have served as a nurturing ground for numerous young athletes who have transitioned to successful careers in professional hockey, solidifying our reputation as a pivotal development hub for future stars.
Adapting alongside the sport, we've navigated changes in leagues and competition structures while upholding our commitment to excellence and community engagement. Today, as proud members of the VIJHL, we eagerly anticipate a future filled with continued success.


Located in Esquimalt, the Archie Browning Sports Centre is more than just a rink—it's our home. The Archie Browning   arena has witnessed countless thrilling competitions and hosted legendary players on its ice. We are proud of our rich history here, which continues to inspire our team and our fans alike.
Game tickets are conveniently available at the door, and our game schedule is posted here on the site as well as at the arena next to the concession. We look forward to welcoming you to experience the excitement of a Victoria Cougars home game firsthand!
The Victoria Cougars home rink lies within the traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən peoples represented by the Songhees and Esquimalt (Xwsepsum) Nations.


The Cougars proudly compete in the VIJHL. Our league recently made headlines by declaring its independence in April. As a cornerstone franchise within the VIJHL, we exemplify a tradition of excellence and community pride that extends throughout Vancouver Island.
With a focus on developing local talent and providing a platform for aspiring young athletes to showcase their skills, the VIJHL embodies the spirit of grassroots hockey. The league’s newfound independence signifies a commitment to fostering growth and innovation, ensuring exciting opportunities for players, fans, and sponsors alike.