Game Two Of Four This Week

The Victoria Cougars are playing 3 games in 3 nights, and 4 in 5 nights this week. The first game saw them barely win against the Wolves in a game that many would say they did not deserve to win. Last nights game against the Glacier Kings started strong but did not end that way.

The 1st period was one of the more dominate periods the Cougars have had this season. They controlled 90%+ of the play and only allowed 4 shots on net against. The first Comox shot came after the 15 minute mark. Jude Wessel snagged the only goal of the period, but the Cougars could have had far more. Evan Easton had several chances himself, but Brandon Naidu played well despite not getting much support in-front of him.

The middle frame was very similar to the 1st, but some of those chances paid off. When you flood the net with 34 shots in the first 2 periods you’re bound to score. Jude Wessel got his second of the game when Esposito deked Naidu out from behind the net, he fake one way and went the other. The goalie was hugging his right post waiting for a pass or wrap-around when Wessel was left alone on the other side of the net and no goalie to stop him. Spencer Golden and Johnathon Esposito also scored for the Cougars giving them a 4-0 lead heading into the 3rd.

Jackson Egan would make it 5-0 for the Cougars before the entire team forgot how to play defence. Two very bad give-aways led to Comox goals and took away Jonah Chambers shutout bid. He was visibly upset at both goals, and I don’t blame him, he was hung out to dry twice.

Ultimately the Cougars won a game that they should never even consider losing. The G Kings are not at the level of the Cougars, but if this game was any longer Victoria may have been looking at an upset. They are injured and depleted at the worst time of the year and are playing 4 games in 5 days, ending with their biggest South rival, the power-house Panthers on Sunday.

You can make all the excuses in the world, but even with 4 points in 2 games, the team should really treat these as losses. Their power-play was dismal, and team defence was mediocre. And the Braves and Panthers will show no sympathy in the next two games.

The Braves host the Cougars tonight at 630, with the Panthers visiting the Arch on Sunday at 330.

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