Year End Statement From President George Linger.

Our 2018-19 season has just ended, and the planning begins for next season. We are the VIJHL Champions and silver medalist at the Cyclone Taylor Cup. We are very proud of the whole organization, as it takes the whole team of volunteers, sponsors, executive, coaches, and players to strive for excellence. Those are the accomplishments in the game itself, but the real benefits are the relationships the players make with their team mates, the organization and the community. We all realize, what it means to be part of the team and working together, to accomplish a goal.

I have never seen a group of volunteers and coaches like ours that are so dedicated to our program. I thank you all for all the countless hours you put in and for the big and little things you do for this organization. Without you we could not succeed.

I would like to thank all our corporate sponsor for their continued support. We have had some sponsors for over 20 years. That is an amazing commitment. Our sponsors are all local businesses that are committed to the local community. Without your support we could not run our program. Please check out our website to find out who they are, and I ask you all to please support our local businesses.

I would like to thank our partners in the VIJHL for continuing to look at ways for us all to improve our product on and off the ice. The caliber of hockey has continued to get better and if you have not been out to view a game recently, I ask you to check our League website ( for our schedule starting in September and take in a game.

Our team is operated by a Non-Profit Society. This allows us to put back every dollar we receive into the program. The Cougar name has a long-standing tradition in Victoria and we plan on continuing that tradition.

A huge thank you to our dedicated fans. I have seen some fans that have been there since the team started in the late nineties. We would like to see more fans come out and enjoy the entertainment. Watch our website for our new Family Plan coming for the coming season. Check our website

Thank you to the players and parents that have selected to be a part of our program. To the graduating player we hope that you have enjoyed your time with the Cougars and take some memories with you that will last a lifetime. I ask you to remember and become part of our Alumni.

I would like to thank all the VIJHL Executives, Game Officials and BC Hockey for all the time and effort that goes into the planning and delivery of the program in BC. We appreciate all your efforts.

What can I say about the Recreation Department and the Community of Esquimalt? They have supported our Organization for 20 years. The Archie Browning center is our home. The Cougars are your team, so join us in the fall and let’s get the Arch Rockin!

To all our Fans put September 5th on your calendar and join us for our Home opener of the 2019-20 season.

Thank you

George Linger

The Victoria Cougars
Junior Hockey Club

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