Cougars Dominate, Take 3 Points.

Just a couple weeks ago I called the Cougars “Kittens” in a 3-0 loss to the Westshore Wolves. At the time they deserved the title. Last night though, they were Cougars through and through.

1:33 into the 1st period, on the Power Play, Cameron Lesergent potted what would be the game winner. A wicked wrist shot from the point went bar down. This set the tone for the remainder of the period. The Cougars dominated the opening frame against a hapless Westshore Puppies…er… Wolves. 10 Minutes later Booker Chacalias made it 2-0 and took the lead in the league scoring, for now. Matthew Clark, he’s fast. I mean really fast. We talk frequently on the broadcast at how unreal his acceleration is. Last night he show that off and showed his hands too. Two goal in a row saw Clark blast out of his own zone to leave the defence in the dust. Sometimes he is so much faster than the defence on the other teams it almost looks like he has rockets on his skates. Grady Birk rounded out the scoring in the first with less than a second to go in the period. There was enough time on the clock so no one could argue it was a good goal, but was late enough the buzzer went with the puck in the net. 5-0 and outshooting the Wolves 15-4 after 1 the Cougars didn’t look back.

The second and third saw the Pups step up and recover from the first. Westshore played like Wolves and competed hard for the final 40 minutes. 2 goals, Albinati and Berryman, and solid defensive play from Victoria, gave nothing up. Only 14 shots made it through in the final two periods and Cam Stevenson kept all of them out.

7-0 was the final score and a bit of a statement. Victoria wanted to erase that terrible showing from a few ago and they did just take.

Next up is a road contest in Kerry Park. 3pm on Sunday.

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