First Shift Night Huge Success For Young Players

Last night was a night to remember for many young hockey players. The Cougars hosted the players from First Shift who graduate from the program this Sunday.

First Shift is a program put together by Hockey Canada, Canadian Tire and Bauer to encourage Canadian kids to try hockey.

The Cougars helped out Victoria Minor Hockey in our area at the orientation night when all the kids got their equipment. The Cougar players who helped out that night all volunteered to help coach the young charges.

None of these kids had ever played hockey before and were thrilled with the opportunity.
At last night’s game vs the Nanaimo Buccaneers about 12 of the children joined the Cougars on the ice for the National Anthem and young Leslie got to take the ceremonial faceoff against his favourite Cougar, Foster Martin. After the faceoff Cougars Captain, Carl Ewert said a few words and presented Leslie with a Certificate making him an honorary Cougar, a medal and an autograph sheet signed by all the Cougars.

During the first intermission all the First Shift players got to show their new skills in a free for all hockey session at one end of the rink. Many of the Cougars were on the ice encouraging these kids and for some reason they all turned into lousy goalies.

All of the players received a medal, Honorary Cougar Certificate and Autograph sheet when leaving the ice.

The only thing bigger than the smile on the kids faces (Including the Cougars) was the smiles on their parents faces as they looked on and snapped numerous pictures.

Cougar players Cam Stevenson, Josh Martin, Marshall Brown and Captain Carl Ewert all helped to coach these kids through their 6 week initiation program.

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