Cougars assist VMHA with the FIRST SHIFT Program

Last night Cam Stevenson, Carl Ewert, Marshall Brown, and Josh Martin volunteered at the First Shift hockey information and equipment night.

First Shift is sponosored by Hockey Canada, Bauer, and Canadian Tire. Victoria Minor Hockey is the local supporter of this program and asked that the Cougars be involved as the program will run for six weeks out of Archie Browning Sports Centre.

Last night 45 kids were outfitted with full hockey gear. The kids received a hockey bag, jersey, shorts (with jock or jill), hockey shorts, helmets, elbow, shin and shoulder pads, neck guard, gloves, skates and a stick. They also will receive six weeks of on ice training (all four of our boys there last night have volunteered to be involved in the coaching). The ratio will be 1 coach to 4 kids. The program has been designed by Hockey Canada (a representative was there last night and introduced himself to the boys).

Victoria Minor Hockey is thrilled with The Cougars involvement. We are very happy that they asked us to be involved.

On November 29th at our home game against Nanaimo, we will hold a graduation ceremony for these kids.

You can look up the program on line HERE for more information on the program. Below is First Shift’s statement about the program.

THE FIRST SHIFT program is designed to ensure a positive experience for new-to-hockey families. We want families to experience the game at its best — to understand why so many Canadians feel an inherent love for the sport, and to stimulate a desire for continued participation. We want to take away any intimidation as it relates to equipment requirements, and/or rules of the game, remove potential safety concerns, and most importantly, provide an experience that is memorable and fun.

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