New VIJHL point format next season

The VIJHL have announced that starting with the 2018/19 season the league will be going away from the long standing tradition of awarding 2 points for a win. Starting this upcoming season teams who win in regulation will be awarded 3 points, with the loser receiving 0. If the game goes into OT then the winner will take home 2 points, with the losing team getting 1. Also, ties will no longer be a factor as games will be decided by a shootout if regular overtime doesn’t resolve the game.

While this was met with almost universal approval from fans and players (and Broadcasters), it wasn’t without controversy. Mark Berry of the Storm posted on twitter.

Without Shootouts the new 3 point system wouldn’t work. This was met with some major backlash on Twitter, from fans and broadcasters alike…

*cough* Might have been me?*cough*

BC Hockey was quick to debunk the rumor.

While at first some were skeptical, BC Hockey came through. Announcing that the VIJHL can move forward with shootouts and the 3 point system.

It will add an interesting dynamic to the game for sure.

Be sure to check out my thoughts on the 3 point system on Episode 1 of Cougars Insider coming later this week.

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